Sarah Cranberry

Sarah “Cranberry” Burgess is a musician, DJ, performer, music producer, QA Test Engineer, and aspiring Website Designer living in San Diego, CA. Sarah feels that performing music is a unique and all encompassing experience for the musician and listener. Using all available technology and musical avenues, Sarah shares her unique expression with the world. 

In 1999, Sarah dropped out of Graduate school for music performance after realizing a Master's degree wasn't a good fit for her goals. Sarah stayed in the Colorado area for many years, until moving to California in 2006.
After moving to California she became inspired to find her own path forward using her creativity and passion for music, especially after finding an amazing supportive community in the Southern California area. 

Sarah Cranberry has participated in numerous performance groups and collaborations for events all over Southern California and Mexico. Her love of electronic music drives her to the dancefloor, where she plugs in her acoustic violin and improvises over live dj sets. 
In May of 2013, Sarah started to DJ, and play Live Violin on tracks she mixes. Soon after, Sarah started honing her craft for mixing, selecting, and playing live violin to her sets. Sarah has performed in numerous festivals and clubs in Southern California and Mexico, including Contact, Electric Poncho, Youtopia, Lucidity Festival, and Fuente Eterno.
Major influences include Greg Vaughan of “Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters,” for showing Sarah how to shred on the violin as though it were a guitar. Sarah started recording on electronic music tracks in Ruben Valas’ (aka Dr. 42) living room in 2008. Performing with Duckman as the group “Duckberry Crunch” propelled Sarah into the electronic scene, from which there is no return.
Sarah is currently associated with 3 Dj crews; The Shaft Crew, Simpler Times, and Lady Lush/Native Alien. She is occasionally roped into organizing events, bringing together performers and crews from around the world, to merge community in the sharing of music. 
Currently Sarah is pursuing further studies in website design and development. One day her technical skills will merge with the musical mind. Sarah has the patience of a grasshopper and the imagination of a comic book writer. Until then, enjoy the mixes, links, and original musical content found on this site. Please share the music with your friends, and check back often to find out where Sarah will be playing next!!!